I am a consultant and researcher exploring coaching, mentoring, and induction in the field of education.


I am interested in how we can unpack the terminology, better support our teachers and Mentor-Coaches, and examine the role these complex processes play in professional growth.


I am deeply passionate about teaching and learning. I love thinking about how different instructional strategies, tactics and skills can be used to create powerful learning environments for children, youth, and adults.
I am exploring what it means to be instructionally intelligent and how impactful research can best be shared with practitioners. 



As a pracademic, I work in both university and school district settings.  I am always thinking about how to get research into the hands of teachers, administrators, and district leaders and how to celebrate and share the fantastic work of the practicing teachers in academic settings.


I am using this space to share recent projects, presentations, and publications.



My PhD research is a qualitative case study of the Teacher Induction Program (TIP) in the Western Quebec School Board (WQSB).


I am constantly collecting and curating research and resources that are of interest to me as a parent, teacher, leader, mentor-coach, and consultant that I share here.


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I am in my final year as a PhD Candidate in Education at the University of Ottawa. I identify as a pracademic- a boundary spanner working as both practitioner and academic (Posner, 2009).  I am a consultant for the Western Quebec School Board's Teacher Induction Program (TIP), focusing on its Mentoring and Coaching Fellowship (MCF) pillar. I also work as a Part-Time Professor in the Faculty of Education at the University of Ottawa.  I teach courses at the graduate students (Mentoring and Coaching in Professional Contexts) and teacher candidates in the Bachelor of Education program (Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment, Becoming a Teacher) primarily with the Urban Communities Cohort. My dissertation is a qualitative case study examining coaching and mentoring within a teacher induction program.  Using Wenger's (1998/2006) 'communities of practice' social learning theory lens, I am interested in how being a mentor-coach informs experienced teachers' professional learning and development, classroom practice and well-being.  I also research teacher professional learning, relational pedagogies (such as circling), Restorative Justice, instructional innovations, change and systemic change, and teacher evaluation.


Current committee involvement: Graduate Student Representative for the International Congress of School Effectiveness and Improvement (ICSEI) and the Canadian Association for Teacher Education (CATE)/Canadian Society for the Study of Education (CSSE).  I also am a standing member of ICSEI's Diversity, Inclusion and Generational Renewal (GRID), Professional Learning and Networking (PLaN) and Communication and Knowledge Exchange (CaKE) committees.



As a pracademic, this space is where I rumble with educational issues that interest me as an educator, learner and parent. Thank you for joining me on my reflective journey.   




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