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Rebrand & Reboot- exploring tensions with (e)portfolios

This is my presentation for the CATE pre conference at CSSE 2018.

The panel also included Drs. Alec Coros, Kathy Stanford, Tim Hopper and Norm Vaughan.  The breakout sessions were really interesting & I loved hearing what challenges and successes other districts are experiencing.

Key take-away points:

Lock down, lock out & delete– navigating teacher digital presence

Open, social & connected– moving from fear and scepticism

How do create conditions of learning and the role of digital pedagogical documentation?

What is the role of teacher assessment in digital representations?

How do we explore digital identities?

What are the implications of silencing/collapsed context?

What are moral, ethical and social responsibilities when it comes to the digital space/teacher ed?

How do we prepare ourselves as teacher educators for future students? How do we negotiate practical design and digital identities?

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